MK ULTRA PROJECT : Taliban mind control & hypnotism to brainwash kids to become suicide bombers

A senior Afghan security official warned of the Taliban‘s newest methods to recruit children for suicide bombings in Afghanistan include psychological brainwashing techniques…

Suicide attacks, violate the Quran and were unknown in Afghanistan until 2004-2005, have become the deadliest form of attack to murder and kill people, second only to “improvised explosive devices” or IED’s.

"Most Muslim families send their children for Islamic education to Pakistani schools (madrasas), and Taliban, especially the al-Qaeda-related Taliban, chose and select some dumb or lazy students and students from poor families to be recruited as suicide attackers. They isolate them from the rest of the students, they train them and in most cases they hypnotize them. They work with them psychologically and they give them a wrong picture of Afghanistan," a spokesman for Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS), Lutfullah Mashal, said in a FARS news media report.


Abdul Wahab, 18, originally from Kunduz in the Northern Afghanistan, grew up in Pakistan’s village of Rawalpindi. Abdul Wahab said that he was “approached and encouraged by Taliban to commit suicide.”

He stated that he made four unsuccessful attempts to detonate his explosive-laden car on foreign military convoys in Northern Afghanistan before he was finally captured in May 2012.

According to the article, Wahab indicated he was given intensive training for a 15 day period, in a “Afghan refugee camp near the Northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar”, receiving specific instruction on how to set off a car bomb and explosives.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the refugee camp in question, to be partly funded by a U.S. non- governmental aid organization, but we have been unable to confirm that fact as so many different aid groups are involved in running camps in the area.

The U.S. aid groups and NGO’s may be unknowlingly enabling the Taliban to come in a recruit from inside the refugee camps…

It would be a sick joke to think U.S. taxpayers are enabling the Taliban to freely come into these refugee camps and recruit children to become suicide bombers.


Afghanistan’s NDS says it is trying to “draw the poison out of the young minds” by teaching them the Quran, taking them to local mosques in Kabul to show people praying peacefully and living in harmony with each other in ways that are healthy and wholesome to prove that their Taliban manipulators were misleading them down a dark path of destruction for nefarious purposes.

“Some of the children have been so brainwashed, they say as they are convinced they are doing the right thing in killing themselves especially if it can take out an American soldier or two…”, said one Afghan aid worker who partly blames U.S. military interventionist policy for creating hatred among local villagers in the area who are frankly speaking “sick and tired of American troops and wish they would all go home”.


U.S. abuse has been cited as a key factor in why the Afghan’s hate the occupation and why some are turning against the Americans toward the Taliban, who are seen as fighting against the abuse and mistreatment.

“They (U.S. soldiers) move into a particular area, riding rough shot over the people, ridiculing and abusing Afghan civilians, men, women and children disrespecting them publically – sometimes laughing when they do it (see shocking and disturbing video testimony: US Soldiers Abuse Afghan Civilians ).

It makes for fertile recruiting ground for the Taliban who then come in, after the American soldiers leave and urge people to rise up against that kind of abuse and mistreatment and surrender their children for Islamic instruction at the madrassas and schools…


There the Taliban selects orphans and children who are eager to please adults and who they can manipulate into doing their bidding.

In some cases the kids are pressured into it, by their own parents who have been paid by the Taliban – oddly enough using American “dollars” in some cases. The Taliban get this money from U.S. taxpayers which trickles its way down through corrupt warlords and government officials on the top into the hands of the local Taliban insurgents and terrorists who then use that money to fund payments to families of suicide bombers. The money comes from lucrative military contracts from the Pentagon which is outsourcing much of the war to civilian contractors and businesses (see article: Taliban Forces Get Billions in U.S. Tax Dollars to Protect Supply Roads from Taliban Forces

Robert Tilford


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